Private pilot training

With a Private pilot license, you will be able to fly away with your friends or colleagues as your passengers on a joy ride, for tourism, to your favourite vacation spot or even to get to your business appointments.

This license will allow you to be the captain on any aircraft for which you are qualified.

We organize several theoretical training sessions every year on 3 different locations, but you can start the practical part right now!

These 3 different locations are:

-Brussels South Charleroi Airport


-Saint-Hubert Airfield

 Prerequisite for the Private Pilot License PPL(A) training:

There are no specific requirements to « start » a private pilot training whether at theoretical or practical level. You can therefore start flying immediately accompanied by an instructor and these hours will obviously be taken into account as part of your training.

Before being allowed for your first “solo” in an aircraft, under the supervision of an instructor, you are required to get a medical certificate and be aged 16 years old.

Requirements for a Private Pilot License PPL(A):

Must be aged 17 full years (at the time of the practical exam) ;

Demonstrate a minimum experience of 45 flight hours, no more than 5h maximum may be done on a simulator ;

Be the holder of a medical certificate class 1 or 2 valid ;

Having done your training in an ATO.


The theoretical training in details :

Lessons are given in our different premises, in French, Dutch or English according to the requests. The training is given 2 evenings a week during 4 months. Several sessions are held each year. At the end of each session you will be invited to participate in review sessions to prepare the official exams.

The full program falls into 9 subjects as follows:

-General knowledge of aircraft

-Performances in flight and flight preparation

-Principle of flight



-Air law and ATC procedures

-Operating procedures


-Human performances and limits

The theoretical exam is taken on a computer, it includes 124 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), on the 9 given subjects. The candidate must obtain 75% in each of these subjects to pass the examination. You will pass the exam on the premises of the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) in Brussels.

The practical training in details :

Your training will count a minimum of 45h flying which 25h accompanied by an experienced instructor. After these first dual hours you will take your first solo flight; an unforgettable memory for each pilot!

At the end of your instruction, you will take the official practical exam and then you will benefit from the privileges offered by the Private Pilot License.



If a pilot uses official radio-telephony frequencies (ATC/FIS), he must demonstrate language proficiency on the pilot license, in the appropriate language used by the corresponding air traffic service. This in accordance with EASA PART-FCL.055. The applicable language on official radio-telephony frequencies in Belgian air space is English.


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