Airline pilot training

Are you looking for pilot career ? Then come and follow an airline transport pilot training. Pass your theoretical ATPL and become a professional pilot!

Air Academy New CAG adopted a modular training program. The key benefits of the modular training program are:

-A better control over spending.

-A progress at your own convenience.

-The possibility to spread your training over time periods by possibly suspending this between two modules.

-Each module gives access to an effective licence or qualification.


The training in details

There are 8 modules optimally organised to allow you to follow the training in optimum and at reasonable cost.

These modules are:

1. Module 1 : Private Pilot License Training

With a Private pilot license, you will be able to fly away with your friends or colleagues as your passengers on a joy ride, for tourism, to your favourite vacation spot or even to get to your business appointments.

This license will allow you to be the captain on any aircraft for which you are qualified.

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2. Module 2 : Airline Transport Pilot Training (ATPL)

As soon as you hold a PPL, you will be entitled to follow the ATPL course. Lessons are given in Charleroi at our premises from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. The full program is divided into 14 subjects. You have also de possibility to do it by correspondence with our Distance Learning system. This DLS system allows you to follow your theoretical training at home and to organise your schedules at your convenience.

Several training sessions in classroom are organised every year.

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3. Module 3 : Advanced Navigation and Experience acquisition

During this phase, the candidate will improve his skills and increase his flight experience by performing dedicated navigational missions across Europe.

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4. Module 4 : Night Visual Flight Rules qualification- NVFR

The candidate will follow a theoretical briefing on Night Visual Flight technics and perform a practical training of 5 hours. He will perform solo 5 takeoffs and landings.

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5. Module 5 : Flight qualification on Multi Engine Piston aircraft - MEP/IR

The candidate will follow a 12-hour theoretical training and will take a general knowlegde test of the aircraft used (Diamond DA42 Twinstar).
As far as the practical part is concerned, you will have minimum 6 hours training in dual command flight.

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6. Module 6 : Instrument Rating flight qualification –

The IR training gives the qualification a pilot must have to fly under instrument flight rules.

The IR training consists of 3 theoretical briefings of 3 hours and 40 hours of experience on the simulator. Plus, the candidate will fly at least 15 hours on DA42.

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7. Module 7 : Commercial Pilot License – (CPL)

With a CPL, the candidate is allowed to act as a pilot of an aircraft and be paid for the flight.

The practical part consists of 15-hour dual command flight if the candidate holds a IR. If not, it consists of 25-hours dual command flight.

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8. Module 8 : Multi-Crew Cooperation – (MCC)

This module allows the candidate to acquire the basis of team work.
The training consists of a 25-hour theoretical course followed by 20 hours on the simulator B737. This training prepares the candidate to take an hiring test required by airline companies

We work with Venyo (situated in Gosselies).

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