Flight instructor training

Instructor training FI(A)

To access the flight instructor course, the candidate must hold a PPL with a minimum of 400 flight hours or a CPL with a minimum of 200 flight hours

A flight test of one hour with an instructor will be done before accessing the course

The candidate must have a minimum of 6 flight hours within the 6 months before the flight test

The training is composed of a theoretical part of 125 hours and a practical one of minimum 30 hours (25h with an instructeur and 5 mutual)


We offer 2 tariff formula :

Option 1 : Theoretical courses rate : 1.875,5€ tvac

It includes the access of the theoretical courses only (125h)

The flight hours are counted separately

You can perform your flight hours on C152, DR400 or DA40.

C152 : 127€/h

DA40/DR400 : 190€/h (flight-time)

The instruction is 84€/h.

Option 2 : Theoretical and practical rate : 7.253,95€ tvac

Besides the access to the theoretical courses, are included 31h of flight on C152 and 26h of instruction


Refresh Course FI 

The Refresh Course FI includes 16h of theoretical courses.

Price: 242€

IRI(A) Training Course 

The qualification includes 30h of theoretical courses and 10h flight

CRI(A) Training Course 

The qualification includes 7h of theoretical courses and 11h flight

Type Rating Course Extra 500

The qualification includes a 20-hour technical briefing, followed by a test

The practical part is constituted of a minimum of 8h flight

The training is validated by a flight test with an examiner

The candidature must hold an ATPL and a certificate of achievement of a HPA course