Our team

Our team comprises passionate and experimented instructors. Air Academy New CAG has 23 flight instructors in Charleroi, Antwerpen and Saint-Hubert. They are devoted to share their skills and to form futur pilots.

Our 12 ground instructors are highly qualified and have a lot of experience in the aviation world.

Flight instructors:

In Charleroi :

Andrews Vincent

Belot Georges

Beuken Karl

Cloet Francois

Collart Alexandre

Danniau Maxime

Deschryver Steve

Etienne Hervé

Halleux Luc

Mdaghri Alaoui Hakim

Menier Gérard

Raskin Serge

Ronveaux Stephan

Rottiers Fabien

Rousseau Kevin

Sermon Francois

Wiame Thierry


In Antwerpen :

Blommers Henry

Dunias Marc

Folmer Frank

In Saint-Hubert :

Debreux Georges

Degimbre Maxime

Jacquemin Bertrand

Ground instructors:

Deschamps Xavier

Parizel Kevin

De Coster Jean-François

Ayari Adham

Breuls de Tiecken Jean

Franssens Hervé

Charneux Jamie

Lovato Angelo

Defoer Vincent

Peeters Xavier

Grenier Alain

Winandy Olivier

Polet Marc-André

Administrative staff: 

Petitfrère Denis : Accountable Manager

Mathurin Laurent : Head of Training

Danniau Maxime : deputy Head of Training

Cloet François : Chief Flight Instructor

Debreux Georges : deputy Chief Flight Instructor

Blommers Henry : deputy Chief Flight Instructor

Parizel Kevin : Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Delaunoy Sebastien : Safety Manager

Sermon François : Compliance Monitoring Manager

Dardenne Delphine : Administration officer

Libeau Arnaud : Administration officer

Polfliet David : Accountant officer