Our prices include tax. Tax fee out of Charleroi are not included. The number of hours are the minimum required legally. It is possible to need more hours to reach the minimum training level.


TitlePrice (in € incl tax)
Private pilot training (PPL)
100h of theoretical courses in French (or Distance Learning in English)950,00€
Handbooks G.Claude (in French / Manuals in English in distance learning optional)179,00€
30h Dual on Sonaca 2008385,30€
10h Solo on Sonaca 2001923,90€
5h on simulator Alsim AL42810,60€
Material : Plotter, Computer CRP5, Headset, Fuel Tester, Kneeboard, Check list, IGN map, Chrono, ...700,00€
650 h of theoretical courses (Option: Distance learning : 3500€)6900,00€
Ebooks PadPilot559,84€
Advanced Navigation and Experience acquisition
90h Solo on Sonaca 20017315,10€
Night rating (NVFR)
5h of briefing 189,00€
1h Dual on simulator (Alsim AL42)162,12€
4h Dual on DA401009,14€
1h Solo on DA40165,17€
ME training
Theoretical briefing 245,00€
6h VFR DC on DA422896,56€
IR training - PBN Included
IFR Briefing 245,00€
40h of instruction IFR on Alsim DA427500,00€
15h IFR DC on DA427463,56€
CPL training
10h DC on DA40 G10003363,44€
5h DC on DA422438,48€
Advanced UPRT - Extra 330Lx
5h hours of theoretical course (CBT) and 5 dual flight training sessions on Extra 330LX (3 hours block time)2200,00€
Multi-Crew Cooperation certificate – MCC-JOC