Become an airline pilot

Are you looking for pilot career ? Then come and follow an airline transport pilot training. Pass your theoretical ATPL and become a professional pilot!

Air Academy New CAG adopted a modular training program. The key benefits of the modular training program are:

-A better control over spending

-A progress at your own convenience

-The possibility to spread your training over time periods by possibly suspending this between two modules

-Each module gives access to an effective licence or qualification


There are 8 modules optimally organised to allow you to follow the training in optimum and at reasonable cost.

These modules are:

Module 1 : To get a Private Pilot License – PPL(A)

Module 2 : To follow the theoretical Airline Transport Pilot Training (ATPL)

Module 3 : To acquire the minimum experience required to follow the next modules

Module 4 : To get your Night Visual Flight Rules qualification- NVFR

Module 5 : To get your flight qualification on Multi Engine Piston aircraft – MEP/IR(A)

Module 6 : To get your Instrument Rating flight qualification – IR(A)

Module 7 : To get you Commercial Pilot License – CPL(A)

Module 8 : To get your Multi-Crew Cooperation certificate – MCC